Emma Farrell

Director & Co-Founder/ Marketing & Operations


Emma is the graphic designer, marketing and operations manager for Archetype Events. She has over 15 years experience in events and marketing in both the UK and the Middle East, having worked for many well known brands including Ministry Of Sound, Hamleys Toy Store, Oscar de La Renta and David Morris. Emma has had an interest in the development of the mind since a young age and has practiced meditation for many years. This interest has led her to studying 'Master's In The Preservation Of Wisdom Culture & The Art Of Liberation' (Tibetan Buddhism) in Italy, a course organised between the Lama Tsong Khapa Institute and Scuola Sant'Anna Superiore University in Pisa. Emma wrote her thesis on 'Exploring the nature of the 'self' through the use of lucid dreaming'. Emma has practiced lucid dreaming for over 5 years and has also trained as a pranic healer in Northern India. Other areas of interest and practice are meditation, shamanism, yoga and Qi-Gong.

Davyd Farrell

Director & Co-Founder / Conference & Event Producer

Davyd is the Conference & Business Development Director and Joint Owner of Archetype Events. He has 15 years experience in organising large scale business 2 business conferences and exhibitions in the Middle East and London - having previously worked for 2 of the largest conference organisers in the world - before setting up and running his own businesses for over 8 years.

Davyd has long held an interest in exploring the history of the world - particularly through revisionist ancient archaeology that questions the more orthodox mainstream views. This interest in questioning the accepted views of the world made him wonder about the nature of reality, and has led him on a personal voyage of discovery which has taken him all over the world to many of the sacred sites of India, Egypt, Cambodia and the Middle East. Whilst doing this he has learnt to be a pranic energy and crystal healer as well as beginning the long inwards journey through meditation and various shamanic practices. Other areas of interest include plant medicine & Qi-Gong as well as all aspects of consciousness exploration.